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Keep your construction going, we’ll keep your construction site safe.
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There are valuable tools and equipment needed for a property that is under construction. These need to be safeguarded on-site from theft and vandalism. EPS has a professional team of security personnel who will keep your assets safe by means of hourly patrolling, alarm monitoring, drive-by patrol services, on-site security, and more.

Building developments in their nature are often vast, dangerous sites with restricted access, presenting numerous opportunities for criminals and challenges for site managers. Our fully-vetted security guards can deliver extensive coverage to maintain total security across your site.

The security personnel in our team are proactive in action and have been trained to handle emergency situations with quick planning and response.

Keep track of, not only the construction site of your upcoming beautiful building, but also the surrounding area so you can keep an eye on everything that is happening day and night. With years of experience in the security industry, we understand just how vulnerable construction sites can be and know exactly what measures need to be put in place to ensure safety at all times.

Some of the duties for security guards on construction sites consist of:

  • Signing Contractors In and Out;
  • Delivery Handling;
  • Promote Health and Safety Onsite;
  • Mobile Patrols;
  • Theft and Vandalism Reduction;
  • Onsite CCTV Monitoring for Rapid Reaction to Intruders;
  • Safety Tracking for Onsite Staff;
  • Internal and External Foot Patrols;
  • Daily Occurrences Logged Down;
  • First AID; and
  • Traffic Control.

For anything that you may need in the security services for your construction site that isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate in calling and discussing those with us.

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