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What sets us apart

While we are always willing to use the experience of the past, we successfully combine it with the needs of the present to give an unrivaled level of service that always delivers satisfaction and value for money. It’s why our customers stay with us and our officers are proud to work for Empire Private Security, Inc.

Our priority is to protect and support our clients, securing their property in a complex world by consistently delivering quality services and value, while growing our business.

We screen our officers based on different levels before they become part of the team. Our organization management team conducts full background checks, drug test, and guard card status during the hiring process. The following are our key factors that will help you choose the best security service provider all over the southern counties of California.

  • Advanced Technology
  • 24/7 Support
  • Certified Security Guards
  • Licensed and fully insured with competitive rates
  • Experienced and skillful staff
  • Professional and guaranteed service
  • Comprehensive daily activity report of the site
  • A dedicated 24-hour dispatch line for client emergencies only
  • Long range radio, detex, and GPS system to monitor officers on site activities
  • Supervisors check the posts and officers randomly and frequently to monitor the quality of services
  • Pre-posting and on-going, site specific training for security personnel
  • Security management available 24/7 to answer clients’ questions
  • Officers are subject to a specific aptitude test, 5-panel drug test, & extensive in-service training in law and defensive tactics

In the modern era of technology, Empire Private Security uses the latest tools to provide exceptional accountability and security services to clients. Our company uses these tools not only to monitor our officers’ functionality on the job but also as a source of our client’s safety and the value of their dollar spent.

GPS in mobile


With the help of GPS, our dispatch has access to monitoring our patrol vehicles and staff at all times. Vehicle tracking device (GPS) gives us the ability to closely monitor officers and find opportunities to improve efficiency. While on duty, our security officers are monitored 24/7 via GPS. Dispatch sends a security supervisor out to the guard’s post if a security officer does not check in on time. In case of any emergencies, GPS allows our dispatch to locate the closest patrol to the emergency location and directs him or her to the site. Supervisors are notified via automatic texts should an officer get off track.


Silvertrac is a Guard Management & Reporting solution that allows users to complete shift reports, report incidents, respond to tasks, and scan checkpoints to a live issue monitor. While in the field, users can take pictures, record audio files, and add notes to generate amazing reports in a quick and easy process. All this information is available in powerful reports that track data, analyze trends, and give you the important information you need to improve operations. It is ideal for us to track employees whose work duties require moving from place to place. Silvertrac system can be installed in shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, buildings, factories, schools, blocks, etc. With the help of this latest technology, our clients are ensured the right protection and safety for the needs of their property.

Please click on the link below to know more about Silvertrac


Long Range Radio System


Empire Private Security professionals use two-way radios to perform their duties, which may involve anything from routine monitoring to apprehending suspects. Not only do we allow officers to maintain a constant flow of information, but more importantly, they facilitate the quick mobilization of resources in emergency situations. Whatever contingency may arise—theft, assault, accident, or general disturbance—radios allow guards to swiftly and efficiently alert supervisors, and dispatch. Our dispatch is in constant communication with our officers via two-way radios to make sure they are performing their responsibilities to meet the safety and needs of our clients.


Compliance Governance and Licensing!

Compliance and governance values are embedded in the way we operate across all areas of our business. We are fully licensed and compliant in all markets of operation.

PPO # 119844
Business License # 664921

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