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What Should Every Security Patrol Vehicle Have?

What Should Every Security Patrol Vehicle Have?

When choosing security patrol services in Orange County, you should choose a company that makes safety a top priority. This is exactly what we do at Empire Private Security, Inc. Whether you need security for your commercial or residential property, we will do whatever it takes to ensure protection and safety.

As a security guard company in California that provides vehicle patrol services, we make sure that every vehicle under our control contains the right equipment to ensure the job is done well. In line with this, we see to it that all of our patrol cars have the following:

  • Documents

    First, we make sure the cars have information regarding contacts, properties, and patrol routes. Then, we add an equipment inspection checklist that details every item that has to remain in the cars, so nothing will be accidentally taken from them.

  • Regular Maintenance

    Vehicles must be inspected regularly to avoid serious issues from happening. However, breakdowns sometimes cannot be helped so it pays to have equipment such as jumper cables and oil and transmission fluid available when needed.

  • Emergency Gear

    Our security team is ready for any emergency. We prepare each vehicle with supplies that are instrumental in times of inclement weather, injury, or a car crash.

  • Communication Equipment.

    For us, it is vital to have our officers reachable at all times. This is so that they can be accessible when relaying instructions and working with other patrols. Each of our vehicles is equipped with GPS tracking, two-way radios, and more to guarantee prompt action.

When it comes to vehicle patrol services, you can count on our private security in Orange County, California. We are well-equipped to provide your commercial or residential property with optimum protection. Call us today!

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