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Executive protection refers to security needed for celebrities, VIPs, or other individuals who may be exposed to personal risk because of the nature of employment, high-profile status, or geographical location.

Empire Private Security understands and respects your need for privacy and protection from people who may cause you harm because of your net worth or community status.

Our executive protection professionals use preparation and planning to identify risks and take steps to mitigate potential threats before any actual attack occurs.

Bodyguards need to be hired to protect diplomats, celebrities, and dignitaries from mobs and fan followers at high-risk zones, public places, and events. They can also keep clients safe while traveling or provide on-site security for industries, such as events, marine, or aviation.

Empire Private Security, Inc. has undergone special training and is well- equipped in all ways to handle such situations arising around celebrities, politicians, and diplomats. We protect and safeguard them from all potential threats.

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