Using high-tech tools to protect you

In the modern era of technology, Empire Private Security uses the latest tools to provide exceptional accountability and security services to clients. Our company uses these tools not only to monitor our officers’ functionality on the job but also as a source of our client’s safety and the value of their dollar spent.

GPS in mobile


With the help of GPS, our dispatch has access to monitoring our patrol vehicles and staff at all times. Vehicle tracking device (GPS) gives us the ability to closely monitor officers and find opportunities to improve efficiency. While on duty, our security officers are monitored 24/7 via GPS. Dispatch sends a security supervisor out to the guard’s post if a security officer does not check in on time. In case of any emergencies, GPS allows our dispatch to locate the closest patrol to the emergency location and directs him or her to the site. Supervisors are notified via automatic texts should an officer get off track.

tools of security guard

(Detex System) Computerized Guard Patrol Scanning System

It is ideal for us to track employees whose work duties require moving from place to place. Detex systems can be installed in shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, buildings, factories, schools, blocks, etc. Barcoded RFID tags are installed around the property to monitor our officer’s movement throughout his/her shift. With the help of this latest technology, our clients are ensured with the right protection and safety for the needs of their property. Security officers patrol and scan barcoded RFID tags every 30 minutes in certain locations. RFID scans are downloaded by the field supervisor and reports are sent to management accordingly.

*Reports provided to clients upon request.

Long Range Radio System


Empire Private Security professionals use two-way radios to perform their duties, which may involve anything from routine monitoring to apprehending suspects. Not only do we allow officers to maintain a constant flow of information, but more importantly, they facilitate the quick mobilization of resources in emergency situations. Whatever contingency may arise—theft, assault, accident, or general disturbance—radios allow guards to swiftly and efficiently alert supervisors, and dispatch. Our dispatch is in constant communication with our officers via two-way radios to make sure they are performing their responsibilities to meet the safety and needs of our clients.

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