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Different Types of Fire Watch Services


Fires can cause extensive damage to property, injuries, and even death. Businesses and property owners often hire fire watch services to mitigate these risks.

Fire watch services provide a wide range of services. Providers of security services, including our private security in California, can offer these various types of fire watch services, including monitoring for fire hazards and responding to fire emergencies.

While many different types of fire watch services are available, each is designed to address specific scenarios. As a provider of executive protection in California, we discuss some of the different types of fire watch services:

  • Event Fire Watch

    Large gatherings, concerts, festivals, and other events can pose significant fire hazards, particularly when temporary structures, pyrotechnics, and crowded spaces are involved. Event fire watch services involve guards who monitor the event area and enforce fire safety measures.

  • Commercial and Residential Building Fire Watch

    In this fire watch service, fire watch guards are deployed to monitor the building for potential fire hazards. If a fire is detected, they ensure the safety of the occupants, provide temporary fire surveillance, and initiate emergency response protocols.

  • Fire Code Compliance Fire Watch

    Businesses that are required to have fire watch services, frequently due to local fire codes, often use this type of service. Fire watch guards ensure that specific fire safety regulations are followed and that temporary fire monitoring is in place when necessary.

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