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Empire Private Security Services.

The Empire Private Security company is a company in California owned by a security Officer himself who has served the United States Army as Cultural Advisor and linguist in combat zones. Hence the security personnel selected by the company are as per the standards of the United States and California Department of Justice clearance.

Trained Personnel at its best

All the security personnel are well trained and atleast have a high school diploma thus making them well versed in reading, writing and good communication skills. The personnel are professional and aware of customer service requirements.

As a priority the company hires skilful retired police officers and military personnel as they are well aware of security requirements and skills. Also being a family owned business, the company would seldom avoid any client demands or requirements.

Unique selling Preposition

The Unique point of the company is that it provides supervisory personnel free of charge to its clients who coordinate between the security officers and the clients. This helps the company to carry out and adhere to the orders, rules and regulations of the client. Supervisors make surprise spot checks which help in efficient services and prevents any lapse in the services. This helps in incident free services given to the clients. The supervisors are on 24 hours duty 365 days of the year for the convenience of their clients and will ensure that there are no loopholes or lack of efficiency on account of its services.

back of security guard
back of security guard
back of security guard

The company uses latest technology such as modern electric media to track its officers locations and movements which provides most accurate and reliable services to its customers.

The security personnel are licensed, bonded and fully insured and certified. The company considers its clients as first priority and hence encourages its customers to provide them with their requirements so that they can cater to them well.

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