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Security Challenges Schools Face and How We Help


Despite concerns about the Omicron surge, many schools in California have moved to resume in-person classes. School systems have adopted measures to help keep schools open while maintaining student and faculty safety. Nonetheless, security concerns remain. At Empire Private Security, Inc., we see this as an opportunity to address many of the security challenges schools face as experts in private security in Orange County, California.

  • Lack of understanding of safety issues at the everyday management level
    While schools do conduct security audits, they tend to focus on physical measures only, like cameras and emergency plans. More pressing issues like negative behavior cliques, sexual harassment, and school violence are usually ignored until something drastic happens.
  • Reaction over preparation
    Schools may have measures to combat criminal behavior or student aggression. However, this does not equip administrations for predicting and preventing problems like these. So when a crisis strikes, they resort to reactive rather than proactive action. More concrete preventive measures can be formulated with the help of a quality security guard company in California.
  • Poor emergency management
    Following the point above, many educational institutions do not prepare faculty and staff for what happens during an emergency. Proper training and concrete solutions are a must to ensure school safety.

Fortunately, we can help. Our company has experience coordinating with campus administrations to formulate and execute safety and emergency policies. With solutions like security patrol services in Orange County, we ensure that students can work and study in a safe environment. Call now to learn about our security solutions.

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