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Suspicious Activities You Should Watch Out For


As one of the leading providers of security services in California, we specialize in keeping properties and individuals safe. So, allow us to share our expertise about some suspicious activities that you should investigate or report to the authorities. Here are a few examples:

  • If a person claims to represent a utility company but is not wearing a uniform, does not produce identification when asked, or is not driving a vehicle with a company logo.
  • If a stranger has been loitering in your neighborhood for more than a couple of hours, or if a specific vehicle has been cruising the streets repeatedly.
  • If you see someone dressing inappropriately for the weather or occasion, for example, when someone is wearing a thick coat when the temperature is very hot.
  • If you hear noises that rather seem unusual or disturbing, such as screaming, yelling, gunshots, or even glass breaking, especially during the middle of the night.
  • If you see someone entering restricted areas without authorization or trailing others into card-access areas while the door is open.

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